ZIWI Gently Air-Dried Cat Food – Lamb (2 sizes)

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Gently Air-Dried Cat Food – Lamb
ZP422 – 400g | ZP412 – 1kg

Product Description Brief:
ZIWI® Peak Lamb is a pure and simple, single-protein food, perfectly crafted for cats of all breeds and life stages, particularly those with picky palates and food allergies. Every can features world-class lamb, ethically raised by multi-generational family farmers in the mild and temperate climate of beautiful New Zealand. Crafted to match your cat’s biological needs, this simple single-protein air-dried recipe features 96% lamb meat, organs and New Zealand green mussels for a rich meat diet. This lamb recipe is gently nourishing, full of nutrition, and purr-worthy goodness.

Key Features:
• Free-range lamb rich in B-group vitamins and zinc, for an immunity boost
• Air-Dried Scoop & Serve: gently air-dried and handcrafted to lock in nature’s goodness,
ready serve as a complete meal or topper
• 96% lamb meat, organs & NZ green mussels designed to match the cat’s biological
needs for a diet rich in meat
• Nutrient-dense raw alternative: 3 parts of raw meat & organs make one portion of
ZIWI air-dried food
• Raised without added hormones, antibiotics or growth promotants
• No grains, sugar, glycerines, grains or high glycemic ingredients such as potato or
tapioca starch
• Contains 3% New Zealand Green Mussels: natural source of glucosamine &
chondroitin for long-term health and mobility