About Us

thepawloversg.com is a Singapore based online marketplace for Pet food, treats and other essential supplies. We offer a fast delivery with wide selection, various brands of pet products. 

The Paw Lover Sg was founded in Feb 2020 by Michy, who was born in 🇸🇬 on 30 April 2015, a ♁ Tri-Color Shih Tzu who is living with her daddy and mummy in the West area of Singapore. Michy is a extremely picky baby which her mummy pampered her so much. So she always trying to find new brand and food for her. Oh ya, our company logo are inspired by Michy’s left back paw, exactly same color. But it started to changed color when she turned 6. Michy is a very well-behaved, toilet trained and kind baby. She’s shy and doesn’t really like to interact with other fur friends. She’s very happy to be part of the team and like to see all her fur friends happy with their purchase too.