[Wan0031] Wanpy Little Ball Biscuits (250g)

[Wan0031] Wanpy Little Ball Biscuits (250g)

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Wanpy Dog treats are a tasty treat with a delicious taste that dogs enjoy, ranging from cookies to jerkies to mouthwatering. All Wanpy treats are produced with high-quality ingredients, which are crafted and built based on requirements of human consumption. These hearty treats can be quickly snapped to split into smaller parts for portioning, either oven-roasted or baked to perfection.

Whether it's to treat them for a job well done or just to spoil them, nutritious treats are a perfect addition to your dog's everyday diet. By hiding them in their toys or tossing them on the back lawn on the grass, you can make your dogs work for their treats. Not only does this entertain their minds, but it can help them get a bit of exercise.


  • 100% natural healthy training rewards.
  • Enhances skin and coat health.
  • Reduces odour.