Belly Up USA Odour-Free Braided Bully (6”, 1pc/pack)

Belly Up USA Odour-Free Braided Bully (6”, 1pc/pack)

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BELLY UP 100% Natural USA Odour-Free Braided Bully sticks are protein-rich and long-lasting to keep your dogs engaged for hours on end.

Our bully sticks with a twist are a notch above the rest in terms of quality and nutrition. Odour-free and handcrafted in the USA from free-range, grass-finished bulls for the best treat experience.

Each 6” Braided Bully Stick is crafted from our 12” Bully Sticks for a fun chewing challenge.

Tested by United States Food and Drug Authority Approved Laboratory for safe consumption.


  • Handcrafted in USA. Crafted and sorted by hand for quality and consistency.

  • Premium single-ingredient treat. No additives or preservatives.

  • Odour-free - not all bully sticks were created equal. Only our handcrafted process produces odour-free bullies for the best treat experience.

  • High quality and grass-finished. All our bully sticks are from bulls with a grass-only diet. This produces the highest protein and lowest fat nutrition profile.

  • Rich in omega-3. Grass-finished bulls have the most ideal Omega-3 fatty acid profile to boost your pups immune system.

  • Certified and lab-tested, guaranteed clean.

  • Suited for dogs of all life stages and all sizes.


  • Always supervise your dog when you give them any form of treats or chews.

  • 6” Braided Beef Bully for dogs of all sizes.


  • This product has a 12 month shelf life from purchase date when kept sealed in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.


  • All our treats are natural and premium; ethically and sustainably sourced with no additives or preservatives. All our products are grain-free with no fillers and no by-products.


  • 100% Natural USA Grass-Finished Beef


  • Crude Protein - 79.80%

  • Crude Fat - 5.48%

  • Crude Fiber - 1.61%

  • Moisture - 14.94%