Threepaws Gourmet Coconut Bacon Bones, Hickory Smoked Gourmet Organic and Vegan Dog Treats (198g/7oz)

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Organic ♥️ Vegan ♥️ Made in the USA ♥️ Gourmet ♥️ Healthy dog treats ♥️ Palm oil free ♥️ No grain, gluten, corn or soy. 


INGREDIENTS: Organic coconut flour, organic garbanzo flour, organic coconut milk, organic peanut butter, organic sprouted buckwheat, organic beets, organic apple, organic turmeric powder, hickory smoke powder


Plant-based biscuits made with love, from scratch, by people with disabilities.


DID YOU KNOW? Most peanut butter used for commercial dog treats has hidden ingredients such as added salt, sugar and oil (often palm oil). Our 1-ingredient peanut butter is 100% organic peanuts!


Fun superfood colors! Never any chemicals, unnatural preservatives or fillers. Great for dogs with allergies and other food sensitivities. We are a clean protein, no mystery meat, recall-free company with a compassionate business model in place.


Your pup will go nuts for this all-natural hickory smoke flavor! May we all be well treated.♥️