The Barkery Dehydrated Pumpkin Delight Treats for Dogs (2 sizes)

The Barkery Dehydrated Pumpkin Delight Treats for Dogs (2 sizes)

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A vegan treat for all the health-conscious and weight-watching doggies out there! No grain, no meat, just fantastically nutrient-rich veggies and oilseeds.

As the main ingredient, Pumpkin is a great choice for canines trying to lose weight as it contains one of the lowest calorie counts of any vegetable. It's also chock-full of powerful vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. Sesame seeds are also great sources of protein and calcium, and Flax seeds are rich in omega fatty-acids.


Ingredients: Pumpkin, Celery, Sesame Seeds, Flax Seeds.


Depending on the pumpkins we use for each batch of production, the texture of the Pumpkin Delight may vary from being very crunchy or crispy to more leathery and chewy. This does not reflect a change in quality or spoilage; it is simply due to the inherent texture of the main ingredient, i.e. some pumpkins are simply more watery and some have firmer flesh.

Please bear this in mind when purchasing!


Storage Instructions

Please note that our treats are made without any artificial ingredients, and their general shelf-life is 6 months after pack date. That they should be kept refrigerated upon opening in order to maintain freshness.