The Barkery Beef Tripe Treats for Dogs (2 sizes)

The Barkery Beef Tripe Treats for Dogs (2 sizes)

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Beef tripe is used in many gourmet dishes around the world! Rich in selenium, protein and calcium, it is will be sure to please any gourmet dog :)

Our tripe gets it's YELLOW color from the generous dollops of turmeric we season it with; Turmeric is known for its documented anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-cancer properties, and we use it because your dogs only deserve the VERY BEST.


Ingredients: Unbleached beef tripe, turmeric


Storage Instructions

Please note that our treats are made without any artificial ingredients, and their general shelf-life is 6 months after pack date. That they should be kept refrigerated upon opening in order to maintain freshness.