The Barkery Dehydrated Beef Tendon Treats for Dogs (200g)

The Barkery Dehydrated Beef Tendon Treats for Dogs (200g)

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The Barkery's dehydrated beef hock tendons are the ULTIMATE chew treat for dogs. Dehydrated raw for at least 48 hours to maintain maximum nutritional value, tendons contain naturally-occurring nutrients such as glucosamine. 

Our Beef Tendons are all-natural, low in fat, high in protein, tough and digestible.

Unlike rawhides, they are untreated with bleach or any other chemicals. They are ALL-NATURAL! 

Like all large-sized treats, this is not recommended for dogs who bolt their food down. Please do monitor your dogs while they chew.

Recommended for larger breeds.

200g for $19.80

Ingredients: Beef hock tendon.


Storage Instructions

Please note that our treats are made without any artificial ingredients, and their general shelf-life is 6 months after pack date. That they should be kept refrigerated upon opening in order to maintain freshness.