Pride+Groom The Mane Tame All-Natural Waterless Foam Dog/Cat Shampoo (7.1oz)

Pride+Groom The Mane Tame All-Natural Waterless Foam Dog/Cat Shampoo (7.1oz)

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The Mane Tame is light, foamy, and super easy to use. No water necessary. A quick and surprisingly thorough way to extend the life of a groom or just freshen up a coat that's been around the block just a few times too many.

Perfect for kitties too. Quick and effective - they'd never admit it, but they'll feel anew.

PRIDE+GROOM's line of all-natural, non-toxic, coat-specific shampoos and coat care is rooted in our appreciation and love for dogs. Because these creatures put their trust in us, we've put a great deal of research and thought into creating products that let us care for them, their coat and skin, in a way that is natural, nurturing, and healthy. Well-curated, high-end ingredients, a fresh signature scent, and true ease of use, ensure a grooming experience that is effective, safe, enjoyable, and bonding.

Our ingredients shine. Literally. We’ve culled them thoughtfully and with purpose from all across the world, all from nature, with clear and proven benefits that you and your dog can see and feel. Every PRIDE+GROOMformula contains its own unique blend of essential oils and sustainable ingredients chosen for your dog's specific coat and skin type.

  • all-natural and non-toxic
  • fresh signature scent
  • formulated with calendula oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, flaxseed oil and niaouli oil
  • no parabens, sulphates, silicones, toxins, dyes or gluten
  • safe and effective for cats too
  • 7.1 oz