PetHolic Herbal Ear Cleaner for Dogs & Cats (180ml)

PetHolic Herbal Ear Cleaner for Dogs & Cats (180ml)

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Natural and Pet-safe
Contains Ecocert organic certified ingredients, USA NPA natural certified ingredients and premium essential oils which helps to treat your pet's skin and coat issues. Be assured that our formulas are 100% safe for pets.

9 NO's
No formaldehyde, No dimenthicone, No nonylphenol, No plasticizer, No heavy metal, No fluorescent agent, No artificial colorings, No chemical surfactant, No cruel animal testing.

An all-natural and non- pharmacological formula that contains more than ten kinds of herbal extract essences that treat bad ear odor and helps remove earwax buildup. Gentle on skin and suitable for everyday use.

Suitable for Dogs & Cats