NANDOG Reversible Bed Super Soft Luxe Dog/Cat Bed

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Dapper dogs beg for it. Cosmopolitan canines howl for it. Even ho-hum hounds find themselves sitting and staying for a chance to get their paws on Nandog pet gear.

Quality is an understatement that you and your pet will only get after you have experienced Nandog's luxury. Crafted from the softest and finest materials, you'll have to touch it to believe it. No other toy or bed will ever feel the same again, sorry not sorry.

  • stylish, clean, modern
  • super soft and extra cuddly micro plush fabric
  • double stitched and durable
  • filled with natural poly fiber
  • exterior approximately 22 x 18 in / 55.9 x 45.7 cm
  • interior approximately 16 x 13 in / 40.6 x 33 cm