Mipuchi Luxury Dog Perfume - Mandarin & Kiwifruit (50ml)

Mipuchi Luxury Dog Perfume - Mandarin & Kiwifruit (50ml)

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Feel good with the uplifting scent of spring arriving!
Unleash the citrusy fragrance of a freshly peeled Mandarin, softened with the sweet aroma of pure New Zealand kiwifruit, and a comforting, sensual hint of Vanilla - all bottled together in a natural luxury dog perfume. It’s like walking through an orchard on a sunny spring day!

Ingredients of New Zealand:

Mandarin is a relaxant. Its sweet smell helps reduce stress, anxiety and fear in dogs. Vitamins found in the fruit is known to balance the
natural oils of dogs for a healthier skin and coat.

Kiwifruit - New Zealand’s brown, fuzzy fruit are well known around the world for their distinctive green flesh - and their fresh and sweet, but slightly tangy, flavour.


  • 100% Natural - no alcohol, no paraben, no sulphates, no harmful chemicals
  • Moisturising & Nourishing
  • 8-12 hours fragrance
  • 500 sprays per bottle
  • Non-flammable