Lactogold Nuvilac Fermented Probiotic Treats

Lactogold Nuvilac Fermented Probiotic Treats

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  • The only functional probiotics nutri-treat for pets
  • Taking good probiotic supplements help to maintain the natural balance of good and bad bacteria in the body
  • When good bacteria are added and allowed to multiply, they help to suppress the bad bacteria, boosting the overall digestive health and thus will improve the overall immune system of your pet
  • The strains of lactobacillus, the highest and best grades of probiotic bacteria, will enable better absorption of the essential nutrients from food into your pets blood stream
  • Moreover, it contains Lutein which can safeguard against degeneration of the vision in older dogs
  • Baked passionately in Singapore


  • Breed Size: All Breeds 
  • Life Stage: All Stages 
  • Special Diet: By-Product Free
  • Protein: Oat
  • Size: 80g / 200g
  • Made In: Singapore