Labivet Probiotics for Dogs & Cats (2g x 30sachets)

Labivet Probiotics for Dogs & Cats (2g x 30sachets)

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Labivet Probiotics

Labivet is a Skin + Gut Health pet supplement made from 100% human-grade raw materials. Labivet contains probiotics for skin health + intestines. The skin improvement effect has been officially recognized by the Food and Drug Administration in South Korea.With patented PROLINE probiotics, it is guaranteed (20 billion CFU Input, 2 billion CFU guaranteed) to reach the gut alive.


  • Healthy Immune System – About 70% of the body immune system is located in the gut  
  • Support Skin Health – Atopic & Itchy Skin or severe skin diseases
  • Eliminate Stools Odour – Reduces foul-smelling stools
  • Support Gut Health – Relieve Diarrhea & Constipation

Available Size: 2g x 30bags