Kit Cat Purr Puree Variety Pack Cat Treat - Assorted Chicken (50 Sticks x 15g)

Kit Cat Purr Puree Variety Pack Cat Treat - Assorted Chicken (50 Sticks x 15g)

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Chicken Based Protein

Rich source of protein & Omega-6
Low in sodium and fats
Maintain healthy skin, coat, and muscles
Promotes healthy bones and teeth

Rewarding your cats has never been more delicious with Kit Cat Purr Puree Party Pack. Featuring a rich and hydrating treat that is loaded with natural delicious goodness, get ready to have your kitty friends purring for more! Each pack is loaded with assorted flavours to bring your pets a wholesome and refreshing experience from our grain-free recipe.

Chicken & Fiber (Hairball) x 25 Sticks
Chicken & Salmon x 25 Sticks

2 Flavours in a jar (Assorted Chicken)
Grain Free
Omega 3 & 6
Taurine Added
Prebiotic Vitamin E
No Pork No Lard
Improve hydration
Prevents urinary issues
Suitable for all life stages


Kit Cat Purr Puree Chicken & Fiber (Hairball)
Deboned Chicken,Water Modified Starch,Thickening Agent,Tuna Extract,Cellulose Powder,Taurine,Vitamin E

Kit Cat Purr Puree Chicken & Salmon
Deboned Chicken,Fresh Salmon,Water Modified Starch,Thickening Agent,Tuna Extract,Taurine,Vitamin E

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude protein(min) 7%
Crude fat(min) 0.1%
Crude fibre(max)1.0%
Crude ash(max)2.0%,
Moisute (min) 89.0%
Energy 118.50 kcal/100g

Crude protein(min) 7%
Crude fat(min) 0.1%
Crude fibre(max)1.0%,
Crude ash(max)2.0%
Moisute (min) 89.0%
Energy 115.62 kcal/100g


Feeding Methods
- Straight out of sachet or from your palm to straigthen bond
- As toppers with meals for boost of hydration
- Squeeze puree onto bowl and serve
Feeding Recommendations
Daily feeding amount can be adjusted according to your cat’s size, weight age, and activity level, supplemental feeding only.
Serve at room temperature.
Do not Microwave the sachet.
Store in cool and dry place. After opening,refrigerate unused portion for 2 days maximum.
For cat over 2 months old,it is recommended to mix with other nutritional food to meet cats’ dietary need. Keep supplying water for cats regularly.