Kin+Kind Sweet Basil Pet Candle (8oz)

Kin+Kind Sweet Basil Pet Candle (8oz)

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Kin+Kind Sweet Basil Candle For Pets - 8oz

Our deodorizing candles are made with 100% natural soy and cotton wicks for a gentle burn free of toxic lead and paraffin.

Light this candle and enjoy the sweet smell of honeysuckle and basil while it will naturalize airborne pet odors in your house. About 20 hours of burn time.


  • 20+ Hours Burn Time
  • A natural way to neutralize pet odour
  • 100% natural soy & cotton wicks
  • Suited for households with dogs


Soy, essential and fragrant oils (honeysuckle, anise, sweet basil), zinc, cotton wick