Kakato Premium Tuna Mousse Canned Food for Dogs & Cats (40g)

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Tuna Mousse
Tuna: Excellent choice for a high quality protein and low-fat fish. Rich in Omega-3 (EPA & DHA), helps neural, brain, retinal and foetal development with addition to improve skin and coat condition.
Mousse texture: Suitable for cats & dogs that have difficulty in chewing solid food. And it is convenient to mix and feed with dry food and supplement.
Halal certified

• Tuna 51%
• Vegetable oil 2%
• Polysaccharide gum 1%
• Starch 0.2%
• Water 45.8%

Guaranteed Analysis:
• Crude Protein (min.) 10%
• Crude Fat (min.) 0.7%
• Crude Fibre (max.) 0.8%
• Ash (max.) 2%
• Moisture (max.) 86%