Golden Eagle Holistic Chicken Formula Dry Food for Dogs (2 sizes)

Golden Eagle Holistic Chicken Formula Dry Food for Dogs (2 sizes)

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Holistic Chicken Formula (GE-33056/GE-33032)
Golden Eagle Holistic Chicken Formula is designed for active adult dogs and can be fed for small- and medium breed puppies from 8 weeks onwards. Golden Eagle Holistic Chicken Formula is a multiprotein source diet, meaning there are several types of meat in the formula. On the face of the bag, all raw materials are visible, making it easy to see the raw material base of the product.

• Protein sources are chicken, pork, salmon and egg to guarantee all your dog's high protein needs.

• Fats and oils for energy and shiny coat are from high-quality chicken fat, Omega-3 oils, from Salmon and linseed, especially high in EPA and DHA. These are also to support cardiovascular health, optimal eye and brain functions.

• Carbohydrate sources are wholegrain brown rice, whole grain white rice and wholegrain oats to guarantee your dogs carbohydrate sources. Our grains are selected for their wholesome nutrients, over 60 specific nutrients in each grain. We do not use wheat, corn or soy in our formulations, as they have been blamed for all kinds of allergic reactions, also these are carbohydrate sources, we get our protein from meats.

• Fiber sources - Our main dietary fiber is beetpulp, due to its high dietary fiber contents together with tomato pomace. Our oatmeal, rice, potatoes, carrots and apple fibres fill out any caps that could be missing, bringing our total dietary fibre mix to its highest, most productive form.

• Our fruits and vegetables are all-natural and selected for their holistic health benefits.

• Our special mix of nutraceuticals and MicroHealthTM, BioHealthTM and LactohealthTM, which address the specific nutritional requirements of dogs makes Golden Eagle the most advanced natural petfood in the world.

Composition: Chicken meal (>26%), Wholegrain white rice, Wholegrain brown rice, Refined chicken fat (preserved with vitamins), Oatmeal, Potato, Pork meal (>5%), Whole linseed, Tomato pomace, Beet pulp, Egg (>3%), Salmon meal (>3%), Peas, Carrot, Lucerne, Salmon oil, Chicken liver gravy, Mono sodium phosphate, Salt (natrox), Potassium Chloride, Seaweed, Yucca, Joint care pack, Dried apple, Cranberry, Selenium, Beta Carotene, L'Carnitine, Minerals, Vitamins.

Contains specially healthy natural and holistic supplementation MicroHealthTM, BioHealthTM and LactohealthTM.

Guaranteed Analysis:
Protein min 26 % Fat min 15 %
Fibre Ash Vitamin A Vitamin D3 Vitamin E Copper Calsium Phosphorus Omega-6 Omega-3
max 3,6 % max 8,5 %
min 26000 min 1823 min 248
iu/kg iu/kg iu/kg mg/kg
max 20
max 1,5 % max 1,1 %
min 2,8 % min 0,8 %

Feeding amounts vary according to the breed, activity, age and environmental conditions. Feed 1-2 times per day, making sure there is always fresh water available.
Made in UK