Forcans Dental Stick (Calcium) 220g (2 sizes)

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Dental Sticks
• Healthy and tasty snack that helps maintain good dental health and reduces bad breath
• Its unique star shape and stiffness give better brushing actions and a massaging effect to your pet's gum and teeth
• Freshens breath with its sweet fruity flavor
• Can be used for training purpose

Feeding Instructions
•Based in feed ration, feed ur before/after each meal and sleep.
•Do not overfeed and adjust the feed ration by pet’s health condition, amount of exercise and a season.

•This is dental snack for dogs only.
•Do not feed to puppies less than 3 months of ages.
•When vomiting and diarrhea occur, stop feeding it and consult a veterinarian.
•If your dogs is aged, pregnant or ill, please consult a veterinarian before feed.
•Keep our of reach of pets and children.
•Keep it in cool place and avoid direct sunlight.
•Seal it properly after each use then store in the refrigerator.
•Product appearance and color may vary due to natural ingredients.
•Monitor your dog after feeding dental stick to ensure that it is adequately chewed.
•Please check their ingredient list carefully before feed to your pet if your pet has an allergy to specific ingredient.

Corn starch, maltitol, glycerin, gelatin, rice flour, isomalto oligosaccharide, glyceryl monostearate, calcium gluconate, chotosan pyridoxine hydrochloride supplement, vitamin E supplement.
•Calcium : calcium gluconate, flavor, color
•Omega : 3 type, Canila oil, fish oil, flavor, color
•Blueberry : Blueberry powder, flavor, color