For Furry Friends Toy & Fabric Cleaner (2 sizes)

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Toy & Fabric Cleaner
Throwing away your furkid's favourite toy simply because it is old and dirty? Don't know how to clean it safely and effectively?
Fret not! Toy and Fabric Cleaner to the rescue!

You can now wash all your pet's favourite toys, blankets and clothes without harmful chemicals that may cause skin irritation or diarrhoea.
Amazing results that even some chemical-based solution cannot achieve!

  • Kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses
  • Eliminates odour
  • Soap free

Choose natural ingredients over chemical-based products for your pet, family and environment!

Ingredient: 100% Electrolyzed Water Volume: 1000ml & 2000ml (Refill pack)

Storage: Keep out of direct sunlight Best before 24 months after opening

Optional: Hand wash or machine wash
Suitable for all toys, clothing, leash, harness, collar, bandana, towels and many more Recommended to replace chemical-based detergents

How to hand wash:
1. Add 2.5 capful with 1L or 1.25 capful with 500ml bucket of water (recommended ratio for best results) 2. Hand wash hard/soft toys & fabrics such as clothes, collars, harnesses, and accessories
3. (Optional) Rinse with water till water is clear
How to remove tough stains:
1. Apply few drops of concentrated cleaner onto stained spots
2. Hand wash as instructed or wash normally with washing machine 3. Repeat step 1 to 2 if required

Meta description:
Made from 100% electrolyzed water | Wash all your pet's favourite toys, blankets and clothes without harmful chemicals.