Boneve Air-Dried Free-Range Grass-Fed Venison Ear Treats for Dogs (min.70g)(2pcs/pack)

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Hypoallergenic and a healthy source of protein and iron for good skin, fur and overall well-being.

- 100% grass-fed New Zealand venision
- 100% natural
- Low in fat for a leaner dog
- Low in odour to make a delicious crunchy snack

100% grass fed venison in New Zealand
Hypoallergenic treat
100% pure without additives and preservatives
Great for dogs with sensitive skin
Natural supplement for dogs
Promotes healthy teeth and gums / Remove tartar and plaque
No antibiotics or added hormones
A healthy source of protein and iron
Low fat alternative -- Venison ears are much leaner than beef or pork
Low in odour
A delicious crunchy snack


Venison Ears

• Crude Protein (min): 68%
• Crude Fat (min): 14%
• Crude Fibre (max): 1%
• Moisture (max): 10%

To retain product attributes and to achieve the stated shelf life the product should be kept sealed at ambient temperature away from direct sunlight.