[CRD04] Inaba Low Fat Pouch (Chicken Fillet & Cartilage in Jelly) 80g

[CRD04] Inaba Low Fat Pouch (Chicken Fillet & Cartilage in Jelly) 80g

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Chicken Fillet & Cartilage in Jelly Low-Fat Pouch

Product Description Brief:
Inaba Low-Fat Pouches are delicious and highly palatable. Designed for easy feeding – simply tear open and serve on its own, or as a food topper! Made with farm-raised human-grade chicken and 3 nutritious veggies – carrot, pumpkin and green peas, Inaba Low-Fat Pouch is an ideal addition to your dog’s daily meals.

Key Features:
- Low in Calories, High in Nutrition
- Easy to feed: simply tear open and serve!
- Human-grade quality ingredients
- No synthetic chemicals, added preservatives or artificial colourings
- Contains green tea extract for oral support and antioxidant properties


Chicken Fillet, Chicken Cartilage, Chicken Soluble, Chicken Fat, Jelly, Carrageenan, Guar Gum, Vitamin E, Green Tea Powder
Guaranteed Analysis:
Protein not less than 8.5%, Fat not less than 0.7%, Crude Fiber not more than 0.5%, Moisture not more than 88%