[CIS102] CIAO Chu Ru Chicken Fillet Scallop & Sliced Bonito for Cats (14gx4)

[CIS102] CIAO Chu Ru Chicken Fillet Scallop & Sliced Bonito for Cats (14gx4)

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Chu ru Chicken Fillet Scallop & Sliced Bonito

Product Description Brief:
Japan’s Number 1 best-selling cat treats, CIAO Churu is a tasty liquid snack that provides hydration and replenishes fluid loss in your cat’s body. Feed CIAO Churu as a treat directly to your cat, or add it to your cat’s food as a topper to increase palatability. CIAO treats are grain-free and preservative-free; and they’re prepared exclusively with human-grade quality ingredients.

Key Features:
- Contains green tea extract to provide oral support and antioxidant properties
- Suitable for all life stages and all breeds
- Grain-free
- Human-grade quality ingredients
- No added preservatives or colouring
- Easy to feed

Chicken Fillet, Modified Tapioca Starch, Natural Flavouring Agents, Scallop, Guar Gum, Sliced Bonito, Vitamin E, Carrageenan, Green Tea Powder

Guaranteed Analysis:
Protein not less than 7%, Fat not less than 0.2%, Crude Fiber not more than 0.5%, Moisture not more than 91%