CAHO Agility+ Premium Hip & Joint Supplement for Dogs & Cats (90caps)

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Degeneration of joints overtime or old injuries will cause limited joint motion, which might lead to joint fracturing or other injuries such as fractured hips. Overtime, it will affect posture and movement will be difficult. 

Degenerative Joint Disease (DJD) or Osteoarthritis symptoms ARE NOT EASILY DETECTABLE until the affected joint is badly damaged and it can also cause a lot of pain for your pets, and your pocket.

CAHO Agility+ will maintain joint health and improve their mobility.
It contains 10 key active ingredients which provide potent cartilage protective, anti-inflammatory and pain-relief support for your dear pets.



Helps support and improves your dog's hips and joints

Nourishes, conditions, replenishes and lubricates

Aids mobility

Formulated for optimum joint health

Suitable for long-term administration

Formulated for optimum joint health