Bioion Pets Sanitizer - Natural (3 sizes)

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Bio Ion Pets Pounce is a biotechnological formula that eliminates odor and kills
99.99% of bacteria commonly found airborne near and on surfaces.
It is safe to use Bio Ion Pets Pounce on all furry pets as it is an eco-safe, fragrance-
free deodorizer with natural plant extract. You can spray them on surfaces or your
pet's paws, ears, and fur with ease and effectively eliminate the stench and harmful
bacteria on your pets.

• 100% natural plants extract
• No alcohol
• Eco-safe biotechnological formula from Japan
• Disinfects & protects against virus
• Eliminates odour
Bio Ion Pets Pounce is available in 3 different scents: Original (unscented), Floral,
Ocean & Sakura.