Absolute Bites Freeze Dried Treats (Chicken) for Dogs & Cats (70g)

Absolute Bites Freeze Dried Treats (Chicken) for Dogs & Cats (70g)

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  • 100% Natural and Hypoallergenic
  • No Antibiotics and Preservatives
  • Single Ingredient
  • High Protein Boost
  • High Nutrient Retention
  • Minimal Processing
  • Limited Allergens
  • High Palatability
  • Natural and Tasty
  • For Dogs

At Absolute Bites®, we've redefined pet treat excellence. We're dedicated to delivering the purest, all-natural goodness to your beloved pet, with no artificial additives or fillers, ensuring their well-being is our top priority. Your pet will revel in the irresistible flavors while benefiting from essential nutrients for their vitality. We source our ingredients from trusted farmers and employ eco-friendly packaging to maintain our commitment to ethical practices and environmental responsibility. Every Absolute Bites® treat reflects the love you have for your pet, providing a tangible way to show you care. With our slogan "Absolutely No Nasties," you can trust that every bite is as wholesome as it is delicious. Choose the absolute best with Absolute Bites® pet treats and elevate your pet's snacking experience to a whole new level.


100% Natural Chicken