[1carton=18pack] TopLife Milk for Dogs (200ml)

[1carton=18pack] TopLife Milk for Dogs (200ml)

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Available in 200ml cartons

TopLife Milk for Dogs is a delicious daily treat for your furry friend made from highly digestible goats' milk. Goats' milk has been used and trusted by breeders for years as an important part of a dog's diet.

There is nothing artificial, just delicious goats' milk. But we've added some important glucosamine and chondriotin to help maintain healthy joints and Green Tea Extract to help support the immune system. The refreshing treat is a fantastic way to complement your dog's diet, giving you the peace of mind that it is also nutritionally beneficial.

Dogs love milk but can sometimes have problems digesting cows' milk. Goats' milk is different. The fat globules found in goats' milk are typically smaller than those found in other animal milks, making them easier to 'break down' and digest in the gut. 

Dogs can't get enough of our delicious milk and it also helps keep them hydrated, especially in the warmer months. You can add a splash of TopLife Milk for Dogs to your pet's dry food or feed on its own as a daily treat they'll love! Our two resident dogs on our farm in Cheshire always help with our taste tests and they can't get enough of it!


    Vital for healthy movement and joints.


    To support your dog's immune system.


    Especially in warmer months.


    Once opened, store in the fridge so your dog can enjoy the milk later!