The Barkery Dehydrated Kangaroo Kidney Treats for Dogs (100g)

The Barkery Dehydrated Kangaroo Kidney Treats for Dogs (100g)

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Kangaroo Kidney dog treats have a number of health benefits for your dog and cat. Zinc is an essential trace minerals required in a dog’s diet to maintain good health. Kidney meat is a major source of readily available zinc and a richer source than muscle meat. Zinc from animal sources are also better absorbed than zinc from plant foods.

Also, vitamin B3 (niacin) is found in foods such as liver, kidney, poultry and fish. Vitamin B3 helps to remove toxic and harmful chemicals from your dogs body. It also helps improve circulation.

100% ALL NATURAL, with no artificial preservatives or additives.



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Storage Instructions

Please note that our treats are made without any artificial ingredients, and their general shelf-life is 6 months after pack date. That they should be kept refrigerated upon opening in order to maintain freshness.