[CIR40] Grilled Chicken Fillet Beef Flavor (25g)

[CIR40] Grilled Chicken Fillet Beef Flavor (25g)

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Grilled Chicken Fillet Beef Flavour

Product Description Brief:
Made from hand-cut, human-grade chicken tenderloin, each fillet is gently blow-torched to retain its natural aroma and taste! Every pack is designed for feeding by hand, so you can bond with your dog over treat time!

Key Features:
- Hand-cut, lightly grilled chicken fillet
- Made from Farm-raised Chicken
- Natural source of B-Complex Vitamins
- Vacuum-packed in savoury broth to keep fillet exceptionally tender and for maximum retention of aroma and
- Human-grade quality ingredients
- No synthetic chemicals, added preservatives or artificial colourings
- Contains green tea extract for oral support and antioxidant properties

Chicken Fillet, Flavouring Agents, Milk Calcium, Vitamin E, Green Tea Powder

Guaranteed Analysis:
Protein not less than 23%, Fat not less than 0.5%, Crude Fiber not more than 0.1%, Moisture not more than 74%